Sunday 3 May 2020

Troyski and the Pie-Rats

Get ready to embark on a fantastic adventure! 

Troy the ginger cat is ready to explore the world with his best friend and companion, Benjamin Sweet. Disturbed from his nap, he tricks Benjamin into leaving home and Troy finds himself boarding a sailboat- bound for adventure. Out to sea, Troy meets three rats who convince him they have been cursed by a wicked witch! He listens to their story of being deceived by a witch in disguise and decides something must be done. Troy agrees to help them find the magic genie lamp so they can reverse the curse and become human once more. They set sail for exotic Marrakech, meeting mythical creatures and endure trials to reach their goal. Troy will stop at nothing to help his new friends in their struggles. They will be pushed to the edge along the way. Fearless, Troy leads the rats to their destination. The ginger cat soon discovers the true value of friendship as well as the taste for more adventure. Troyski and the Pie-Rats continues the epic journeys of Benjamin Sweet and his ginger cat Troy. Filled with clever rhymes, this is the perfect companion to the wildly successful Benjamin Sweet tales, this time told from Troy’s perspective and guaranteed to keep your children entertained for hours. Start your own adventure today by getting your copies of Toryski and the Pie Rats AND The Epic Voyage of Sir Benjamin Sweet.

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