Fan zone

Hi guys. I will be publishing pictures sent by readers in this area. Please feel free to contact me via Facebook or Instagram or Twitter.

A special mention to Layla, thank you for your lovely picture. Troy looks amazing

A very interesting and original take on the jungle scene in the colouring book. Well done Noah!

First fan art from Maja, age 8 and a half. Thank you Maja, keep 'em coming. 

Lots of love.

These two readers looking very happy with their gifts. Well done girls.

The fan-base is slowly growing. Thank you Hayden, Dexter and Lily for your fantastic pictures. Best wishes to you all.

And another little picture from my beloved daughter, thank you darling.

Some exciting artwork from pupils of St. Raphael's Catholic Primary School. 
Thank you guys, you're a lovely bunch.


  1. These are the best books ever! The rhymes and poetry is just fantastic! I absolutely LOVE these books. The colouring books are great too!

    1. Thank you so much, this is lovely 😊